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DASARAN is a simple-to-use cloud-based Educational Development System, which opens new horizons for children through innovation, thereby ensuring a prosperous future for Armenia and the world. Founded in 2009 by a group of young enthusiasts, DASARAN brought a breakthrough to the schools and through its electronic channels created opportunities for equal access to quality education for all children. Visit


The primary philosophy of DASARAN is based on the evident truth that education is the most powerful and vital instrument to transform our society, and thus, DASARAN has not only integrated mechanisms for efficient and transparent monitoring of school activities and student performance, but also developed a unified communication network and initiated a great number of activities fostering children`s intellectual capacities and creativity. Through its activities DASARAN makes sure to make education fun and enjoyable believeing it to be the most efficient way to promote learning in the modern world.

DASARAN is an environment of equal opportunities, where we value individuality, talent, creativity and diligence. DASARAN currently supports one-third of the entire population in Armenia which is 1,162,798 people, including 561,321 school students/alumni, 561,321 parents and 40,156 teachers/principals from all 1,483 public schools in Armenia and Artsakh, as well as policy-makers in K-12 education. DASARAN has also established a wide array of local and international partnerships both with relevant state authorities (e.g. President’s Apparatus, Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Yerevan Municipality, et al.) and locally functioning international organizations (World Bank Group, UNDP, UNICEF, US Embassy, USAID, EU Delegation to Armenia, Save the Children, Counterpart International, et al.)


Learning Management and Student Information System An online tool-set for effective school management and student performance monitoring that provides insights to all stakeholders in the education sector and promotes transparency in public schools.

Through a statistical tool for pupils, parents, teachers and directors, it is possible to track student achievement rating data on the grade, school, or region, to get an average score for each subject, the student's progress, and the number of laps. Through another instrument, the teacher can find out how much each student has mastered the materials provided during the course. On the web site, teachers can also form groups where they will be able to discuss a variety of issues in the field of education, pointing out ways to solve them.

E-stat Data Analytics Tool An advanced online statistical-analytical tool that provides comprehensive insights into the education system. It allows for effective monitoring of schools and more accurate measurement of education indicators across the country. E-stat The system compiles real-time statistical data and provides accurate comparative analysis of aspects such as school management efficiency, student enrollment numbers, and student performance using various indicators, including teacher, student, and parent demographics, age and gender distribution, average student grades and absence rates, student transfer rates, teacher workload vs. teacher/student ratios in class, and the respective shift projection by years, etc.

Customized e-Learning and Gamified Education A rich virtual repository comprised of around 60 educational games that encompass a wide knowledge base and combine interactive and alternative education with equal learning opportunities for all users.

"Train 12" Teachers` Training DASARAN Educational Program has studied the best international educational practices of such countries as Singapore, Finland, Poland, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom, and based on a thorogh analyses has developed an innovative three-day course for public school teachers and educators. "Train - 12" is a unique simulation of K-12 school education cycle, which aims to promote transformation from traditional, formal type of education to the modern progressive education system and to convey to teachers mechanisms for applying their professional knowledge and skills in alignment with progressive educational methods. By the end of the training teachers receive certificates for the successful completion of the program.

Applicants` Corner An online guideline for school students along the path of graduation and university admissions, presenting comprehensive descriptions of higher and vocational educational institutions in the country, including the respective specializations, admission requirements and other relevant information, as well as matching students’ preferences with respective specializations.

Encyclopedia A rich virtual repository of materials (online encyclopedia) covering wide range of knowledge base and making concise educational information in the range of topics (geography, history, arts and culture, agriculture, religion, sports, records and discoveries, as well as prominent people) available to students.

Health Corner This interactive section provides information on healthy lifestyle, first aid, medicine, cosmetology, diseases and symptoms, and other health-related matters. The section also gives an opportunity to get informed on healthcare news, facts and events, as well as receive medical advice.

Psychology Corner An online platform through which project beneficiaries (both the school students, teachers/principals and parents) can get a professional psychological assistance from the experts.

The platform also integrates psychological tests which help school students build their self-awareness and better inter-personal communication.

Information Section DASARAN users access this section to receive up-to-date news and information on educational developments, sport events and achievements, as well as read featured news on other interesting topics.

Literary Corner This section allows school students to post their own literary writings and fiction works, promote those, receive peer feedback and comments.

Contests DASARAN Educational Program, along with its daily activities and educational projects, also regularly holds various contests and events, through which students get the chance to demonstrate their abilities and talents. This section allows users to be informed on the upcoming and past events and contests, on the participation rules and procedures, as well as receive information on the participants, their submissions and winning students.



Adhering to its mission of transforming the system of education, Dasaran DASARAN Educational Program has established a unified network combined with educational e-games, contests, Olympiads, as well as holds various offline events. The program aims towards the achievement of the following objectives in Armenia and Artsakh through the use of information technologies:

positive transformation and modernization of the education system, fostering its equal accessibility,

contribution to the decrease of potential corruption risks via increased transparency in student performance grading and monitoring,

improving computer literacy rate among teachers and students,

promoting the decline of the development gap between the capital city and regional schools,

development of a modern and efficient communication system for students, parentsand teachers, thereby fostering teacher-family connection and promoting the role of teacher-parent organizations as civil society foundations,

improvement of student performance, creativity, intellectual abilities and talents through in-school, inter-school and national cultural, educational and sports events/contests, as well as identification of student talents and subject-area proclivities and promoting development thereof,

cutting the distance between public school students from different communities, strengthening peer-to-peer communication and friendships.


Adhering to its mission, the team of DASARAN Educational Program strongly believes that the technological advances as well as the ongoing and envisaged projects on the educational e-platform greatly contribute to developing an educated and confident young generation of professionals in Armenia.
This year DASARAN anticipates implementation of multiple development projects, which would not only ensure smooth operation of DASARAN's learning management and student performance monitoring systems for the Armenian and Artsakh schools, but also set grounds for improving professional capacities of teachers and educators, advancing student growth and providing progressive skills and competences among them.



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